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The Company has a well dedicated and highly committed workforce of over
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This is the largest Wagon manufacturing in the Private Sector with an install capasity of 5600 Four Wheel Units per annum.The unit manufactures and supplies Wagan to Indian Railway,Super Thermal Power Plants,Fertilizers,Cement & Steel Plants,Coal Mines for haulage of variety of materials. Many "first time" products developed in the Unit include Bottom Discharge Coal Wagons for Power Houses and Bulk Cement Carrying Wagons besides Other Speciality Wagons like Tank carriers for transporting Liquified Petroleum Gas,Liquid Ammonia,Phosphoric Acid etc.This is the first unit in the Country to have supplied Wagons to Indian railways under the BOLT scheme.

Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing activities broadly categorised under –

  • Wagon Manufacturing
  • Engineering & Projects Divisions (EPD)
  • Hydro Mechanical Division
  • Specialized Products


Wagon Production Info