Scheme of Arrangement


Amalgamation of TAPL with the Company

Audit Committee Report


  Audited Financials


Corporate Governance


Draft Scheme of Amalgamation


Fairness Opinion


Shareholding Pattern


  Valuation Report


  Scheme of Amalgamation


  SEBI Observations


  Newspaper publication of notice of meeting and postal ballot


  Newspaper Publication for hearing of petition


  Reply to BSE observation letter


  Reply to NSE observation letter


Amalgamation of the Company and TCPL with TWL

Meeting of Equity Shareholders of Cimmco


Meeting of Secured Creditors of Cimmco


Meeting of Unsecured Creditors of Cimmco


Proceedings of NCLT Convened Meeting held on 29.04.2020


Results of e-voting and Scrutinizers Report of the NCLT convened meeting held on 29.04.2020


Cimmco Notice of NCLT Convened Meetings on 29.04.2020


NCLT Order dated 22.04.2020


Notice of NCLT Convened Meetings on 30.03.2020


CIMMCO Attendance Slip




Draft Scheme of Amalgamation


  Valuation Report


  Report from the Audit Committee


  Fairness Opinion


  Pre and post amalgamation shareholding pattern


  Audited Financials of last 3 years


  Auditors Certificate


  Detailed Compliance Report


  Observation letters from Stock Exchanges