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The Company has a well dedicated and highly committed workforce of over
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Cimmco had primarily been since 1957 in the business of Railway Wagons and Heavy Engineering Projects / Products at Bharatpur (Rajasthan)

The Company is a Public Limited company in Private Sector having installed capacity for manufacturing of wagons, coaches, underframe 2240 Vehicular Units (VUs) and Industrial Machinery 14200 MT per annum and comes under a large Industrial Unit.

The use of finished products like wagon is made for transportation of freight traffic by Indian Railways across India and close circuit transportation by some Industrial users like Thermal Power Projects. So far as Industrial Machinery is concerned it caters to Greenfield projects as well as replacement requirements in various Industrial segments viz. Cement plant, Fertiliser plant, Chemical plant, Steel plant etc

Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing activities broadly categorised under –

  • Wagon Manufacturing
  • Engineering & Projects Divisions (EPD)
  • Hydro Mechanical Division
  • Specialized Products

Registered Office

Titagarh Towers
756, Anandaur, E M Bypass,Kolkata-700107
Telephone: 9133 4019 0800 Fax: 91 33 4019 0823


Mal Godown Road,
Bharatpur-321001, Rajasthan
Fax:(05644) 238757