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The Company has a well dedicated and highly committed workforce of over
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The Division has been organized into two business segments viz the Cement Group and the Project Group which operate from two closely coardinated locations.The manufacturing facilities are located at Bharatpur while the Marketing and Design base is at New Delhi.This integrated facility for fabrication and machining is one of the largest of its kind in the country.

Cement Group.
This Group manufactures and supplies Core Machinery for Cement Plants namely -Kilns,Raw Meal,Clinker,& Coal Millls,Cooler etc and the focs ha been to supply Cements Plants having he capacity upto 1.5 MTPA. This Group has imbibed technology form World renowned Companies like KHD Humboldt Wedge; Gber Pfeiffer AG; IBAU GmbH,etc.The Plants manufactured are desigend incorporating the latest technology and innovative modifiaction to suit varying conditions of row materials and fuels to achive energy efficient systems.These Plants incorporate State of the Art Process Automation & Instrumentation for on line process control & monitoring through centralised computer with a network of Distributed Micro Processors.
This Group has successfully completed over 20 Cement Plants in the last 15 years.

Project Group.
This Group provides entire range of services from Concept to Commisioning for the Industrial Plants covering the following business area.
Industrial Plants and Pakeges for various Core Sector Industries including Hydrocarbon & Fertilizers.

Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing activities broadly categorised under –

  • Wagon Manufacturing
  • Engineering & Projects Divisions (EPD)
  • Hydro Mechanical Division
  • Specialized Products